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CSIRO ScienceImage 2487 Electron Microscope Image of Merino Wool Fibre

MERINO wool fibre under very high magnification showing the scales which act like hooks during the miraculous felting process

(Photograph from CSIRO ScienceImage)



A long, long time ago, humankind had cold feet and stuffed sheep fleece in their sandals. After a good pounding caused by a long walk to the Neolithic 'farmer's market' they discovered the loose fibres of the fleece had been transformed into a robust insulating structure, no longer loose, but a dense network of interlocked fibres.


Why had this transformation happened?


Wool fibres are covered in millions of microscopic scales and when they became moistened by the walker's perspiration, the scales had opened out. The movement caused the fibres to entangle with each other and the scales behaved like hooks while the heat of the feet encouraged shrinking thereby creating a dense network of fibres.


You'll be pleased to hear that these days,

to create handmade felt you don't need to

walk for miles with wool in your shoes !!









F E L T = wool fibres + hot soapy water + agitation


For the felt-making process, in addition to wool fibres

you will need a few things that can easily be found around the home: plastic sheets/bubblewrap, old towels, mild soap, a rolling pin, and hot water........

happy workshop participants -mother and daughter felting team

Did you know..........?


Felt is the earliest form of fabric known to humanity, remains of ancient felt have been found in Turkey

dating back to

8,500 years ago....

Come on a

felting workshop

& find out

how to make your own fabulous


Hand dyed

Wensleydale curls -

useful for

surface texture

Pair of colored merinos

Pair of coloured merino sheep

Merino is one of the best types of wool to use in felting, it felts relatively quickly as it is very fine and has a great many scales along the length of its fibres to create a well interlocked structure.

Merino tops (merino that has been professionally washed, dyed & combed)

are very convenient for the felter.


Merino tops



F E L T ?

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